Email Marketing Services

Our e-mail marketing services include compiling and sending targeted lists, at your direction, for selected demographics and interests (i.e. golfers, sports enthusiasts, those interested in dining, travelers, etc.) that can be broken down into zip codes, geographic areas and income levels requested. Your message and advertising will be sent to current, opt-in e-mail addresses that we have on file that fit your target profile and contain links that will go directly to your website.

Our permission based email marketing is comprised of opt-in contact lists as opposed to email Spam, and is an inexpensive, flexible, and simple way to reach new customers.

  • It costs far less than direct-mailing and/or telemarketing to produce an email campaign from execution to delivery.
  • When compared to the increasing costs of postage, printing, and paper, it’s no wonder email marketing is the fastest growing marketing medium to date.
  • Last year US companies spent over $600 million on email marketing – this was no accident.
  • With the lightning-speed of email list delivery, you can expect the response time of your individual campaigns will be cut down immensely, due to the high velocity of email delivery.
  • Although most responses will be within the first 72 hours of any one email campaign you can still expect the results to continue to build gradually over the course of a week or two.
  • Email marketing is a great addition to any marketing arsenal.

Data is collected through the following sources but not limited to:

  • Direct Response Surveys
  • Trade Show Registrations
  • Product Purchase Registrations
  • Banner Ad Redirects
  • Data Overlays

All e-mail marketing blasts that we produce will include the following reporting information back to you:

E-mails delivered
E-mails opened
Total clicks
Click rate on opens
Click through rate


Call To Action

What drives the client to want to take the time to click through and visit the site? A good call to action
can perform at 30-35% Click through (clicks to opens, not sent) which is high for a campaign.